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From Tuzla to Istanbul!

ATR72 soon again in Istanbul
B&H Airlines will start to fly 2 weekly flights from Tuzla to Istanbul with an ATR72 which has 66 seats from the 1 November this year. Tuzla-Istanbul flight is scheduled Sunday, and Istanbul-Tuzla every Tuesday. As of November 1st 2009 total number of flights to Istanbul will be 9 weekly.

On saturday the 24 October you can read B&H Airlines timetable for the winter 2009/10 season.
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BH Airlines to get A319 and B737-400!

Another B737-400 soon in B&H Airlines fleet.
BH Airlines will get an Airbus A319-100 and a Boeing 737-400 from Turkish Airlines early 2010. The second Boeing 737-400 was planned to arrive in Sarajevo during October but it has been delayed to early next year. BH Airlines plans to take ower Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Sarajevo route so then will BH Airlines have two daily flight from the Bosnian capital to Istanbul. BH Airlines also plans to start new routes to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Tripoli and BH Airlines will increase some of there exsixting flights from the summer 2010 season.
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