BH Airlines to get A319 and B737-400!

Another B737-400 soon in B&H Airlines fleet.
BH Airlines will get an Airbus A319-100 and a Boeing 737-400 from Turkish Airlines early 2010. The second Boeing 737-400 was planned to arrive in Sarajevo during October but it has been delayed to early next year. BH Airlines plans to take ower Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Sarajevo route so then will BH Airlines have two daily flight from the Bosnian capital to Istanbul. BH Airlines also plans to start new routes to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Tripoli and BH Airlines will increase some of there exsixting flights from the summer 2010 season.

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Bo said...

Can I ask what your source is?

Two jetplanes for BH at the same time seems a bit much, but I sure hope it will happen.

Nice to see that BH has its own blog now.

Hajmo Bosno!

Admin said...

My source is from BH Airlines and CH-Aviation.

Anonymous said...

Dobro a sto cete sa tim avionim, ako i sa ova tri radite taman toliko da bi jedan bio dostatan (po broju linija i frekvencija).

Admin said...


BH Airlines planira da od ljetni red letenje da otvori nove destinacije sto su Amsterdam, Brissel, Paris, London, Tripoli te bi i vise charter letova imala od SJJ, OMO, TLZ, BNX

B738 said...

Apsolutno bezveze, ovu kompaniju cu shvatiti ozbiljno onda kada i postane ozbiljna. Vise me ni patriotizam ne moze privuci da kupim njihovu kartu, naravno kritika je upucena radnicima u kompaniji tj. da bi se popravili u mnogo cemu. Ipak, zelim im svu srecu...

Bo said...

According to timetable summer 2010, TK keeps its own flight to SJJ, only under different flightnumber.. Is that already one plan failed??


Admin said...

No,B&H Airlines will get an A319 and a B737-400. B&H Airlines have plans to take over Istanbul route but not anything have been discuss yet.

Anonymous said...

And when board of directors in BH Airlines think to sign code share or contract with other airlines, especially from Star Alliance and Sky Team?
A319 and B734???
If i may ask, what for B734? THY cannot sell to anyone B734 so it is sending to BH Airlines?

mak said...


These are only rumors, and actually they are far away from the truth...

You obviously don't have a trusted source (actually i doubt you have any - but...)
There is no sense for increasing no. of flights at this moment!

What BH Airlines has to do to improve reputation and image is:
1.Changing name into Air Bosnia an Herzegovina because the current name sounds actually quite funny in Germany (BH - shortcut for brus halter, or breast holder in english) Bear in mind that our airline has most flights directed to Germany.
2. Livery re-design! This one looks awful! It harm to the our company image.
3. Normal/better advertising! If you had chance to see one of the bilboards in Sarajevo you would know what I'm talking about!
4. Better route promotion! Its not enough to send invitations to the press and organize press conference! This is actually in co-relation with advertising/marketing office.
5. Younger fleet! The average years of current fleet is 16 years which is actually very harmful to the company image.

What do I suggest?
sell 2xATRs buy 5xCRJ-700 with capacity of 72 seats, cancel the orders for Airbus and Boeing - these aircrafts are really expensive for small business in this case for "BH Airlines". With smaller aircraft our airline will have much higher percentage of load factor which will lead to better efficiency (smaller coasts). Buying this aircrafts "BH Airlines" will finally be able to cover domestic flights for example to OMO (Mostar) which could be a really popular touristic hot-spot (only with good marketing) Bear in mind how close Međugorje is...

IN CONCLUSION: "BH Airlines" is still a small/regional airline and it has to grow step by step. Its quite illogical that CEO of current airline was responsible for bankruptcy of previous Government airline - Air Bosna.

Kosh said...

mak ne rise bogati

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