From Tuzla to Istanbul!

ATR72 soon again in Istanbul
B&H Airlines will start to fly 2 weekly flights from Tuzla to Istanbul with an ATR72 which has 66 seats from the 1 November this year. Tuzla-Istanbul flight is scheduled Sunday, and Istanbul-Tuzla every Tuesday. As of November 1st 2009 total number of flights to Istanbul will be 9 weekly.

On saturday the 24 October you can read B&H Airlines timetable for the winter 2009/10 season.

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Anonymous said...

I assume that TZL-IST-TZL is both on Sunday and Tuesday..

How do they want to do this?
ATR-72 already flies to Vienna and Frankfurt on these times on Sunday according to new winter-schedule.. Any idea?

Admin said...

@ Anonymous

I think it will be a morning or late evening flight.

Bo said...

Times have already been published on amadeus


SJJ-VIE-SJJ 14.45-16.05/16.50-18.15
SJJ-FRA-SJJ 14.30-17.10/18.30-21.00
SJJ-TZL-IST-TZL-SJJ 14.30-18.45/19.45-21.50

According to Amadeus/B&H Air website..

Sounds like conflict, possible third ATR? Boeing not an option as it has to be deployed to IST @ 18.30.

my 2 cts,

Admin said...

@ BO

I think B&H Airlines have made some mistakes and in the next days we will know more about the schedule.

Bo said...

I stand corrected. The Vienna flight on Sunday has been removed and now only flies 4x/week. this clears space for the new SJJ-TZL-IST service..


Admin said...

Thanks Bo

it seems like you know know a lot of BH Aviation!

Why not be in our team? maybe moderator on our new forum or writer on our blog?

Bo said...

@ Admine,

thank for the compliment, but i only use the internet as my sources. Guess I know the right places where to look..

Think It would be fun to be a writer, if it doesn't consume to much of my time ;-).. I'll keep reading the posts to see what you think..


Bo said...

By the way, got the Winter timetable in Excel-format (since it hasn't been posted here yesterday)

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